Curious NFT

Rewards & Benefits

Why buy curiousnft

Exclusive access to investment club

Invest in the future of humanity today with NFT series. early access means you can maximize your overall return on investment as we build up these businesses over time A new era is coming and want to be ahead when it starts? Get Early Access! Investing now will give an investor immense benefits from being part ways during development,

Cash flow based rewards program through investing

We're so excited to offer you the opportunity for service rewards and other benefits! When our NFT holders receive their next dividend, they'll have access to early co-investing Options. You won't want miss out on this one-of-a kind program that's sure not going anywhere anytime soon. A unique rewards program awaits all NFTholders with priority access in return of your loyalty as well an exclusive access to future investments.

building businesses of the future

We aim to build a set of businesses which focus on the future of humanity, resource management, robotics, and AI. Get early access to such businesses so that you can build overall value from investing into our NFT series

CuriousNFT Features

Digital Art

Owning a aesthetic digital art and being a part of an elite investor club

Priority Access

A part of the rewards program is also the privilege to get priority access from the company that are earned through its operations.

Exclusive Membership

The NFT holders will gain membership in the investment club and other businesses through the fund.

Free Consultation

The holders will also benefit from Free consultations from our team at Ruskin Felix Consulting for their business pitches

Investor Meets & Events

Holders will also be part of various events and programs and will have the first right to buy further series issues of CuriousNFTs

Underlying Business

Holders will gain from the underlying business value of the consulting firm, VC fund and other operations.

Curious NFT Collection

In addition to the features and benefits, the holders will also have the following benefits:

  • Become members of the Investment club
  • Receive quarterly updates on the new projects acquired by the company
  • Periodic reports and co-investment offers on operations
  • Global meetups and conferences will be organized for the NFT holders.
  • First-preference given to the holders to co-invest.
  • Access to a thriving community of investors.
  • Free Consultations from Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, USA

Become an insider of the investment club. Receive quarterly updates on new projects acquired by your company plus cashback offers for NFT transactions! Get ready to attend global meetups and conferences organized just for you, where we’ll give first preference in co-investments (and other benefits) toward those who invest early on with us