About CuriousNFT Club

The Curious NFT Club has been built for investors who look to build stakes and wealth through strategic investing into the venture capital based investments. The holders get to own not just a digital assets but also own the power to gain from the underlying business of RF Consulting LLC.

Our aim is to provide the holders with real-world value and create a cash-based reward program based on the performance of the company. We invest into various businesses in the cryptoverse, metaverse, AI, Machine learning, SaaS platforms and other opportunities.

As a Holder you gain from various mechanisms built to create value for the holder – i.e. interest in the consulting firm, the venture capital arm and through the overall performance of investments for the fund.

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$ 1 Mn.
$ 1 Mn.

CuriousNFT Features

Digital Art

Owning a aesthetic digital art and being a part of an elite investor club

Priority Access

A part of the rewards program is also the privilege to get priority access from the company that are earned through its operations.

Exclusive Membership

The NFT holders will gain membership in the investment club and other businesses through the fund.

Free Consultation

The holders will also benefit from Free consultations from our team at Ruskin Felix Consulting for their business pitches

Investor Meets & Events

Holders will also be part of various events and programs and will have the first right to buy further series issues of CuriousNFTs

Underlying Business

Holders will gain from the underlying business value of the consulting firm, VC fund and other operations.