The New-Age Investment club

Building the first-ever community of investors through the CuriousNFT Club gives holders the value they deserve. An opportunity for investors to grow their earnings as we grow ourselves. Creating new opportunities in the world of venture capital

Value Investing

Get involved in Multiple business in Crypto Universe, Metaverse, AI and Healthcare through options of Co-investing

Rewards & Benefits

Invest in NFTs that actually have an underlying business model with rewards and access to events and exclusive communities

Investor Community

Create Value in your portfolio with investments, cash flow, Profits from investments and Capital Gain

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We keep posting about updates, announcements and projects we have initiated through our club constatnly

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CuriousNFT club collection

Our Collection

Stay tuned for further series being launched by us for creating exciting valued based businesses. Get involved in building businesses


World's First Collection with ACTUAL underlying value

Invest in the future, buy an asset which is not just digital but extends into the real world.

CuriousNFT Features

Digital Art

Owning a aesthetic digital art and being a part of an elite investor club

Priority Access

A part of the rewards program is also the privilege to get priority access from the company that are earned through its operations.

Exclusive Membership

The NFT holders will gain membership in the investment club and other businesses through the fund.

Free Consultation

The holders will also benefit from Free consultations from our team at Ruskin Felix Consulting for their business pitches

Investor Meets & Events

Holders will also be part of various events and programs and will have the first right to buy further series issues of CuriousNFTs

Underlying Business

Holders will gain from the underlying business value of the consulting firm, VC fund and other operations.

Join our expanding community of Investors

We hope to provide a chance to everyone to be invovled with multiple projects and businesses through a single NFT they own. With digital ownership, they get valuable membership in the underlying business, other invested businesses as well as services, rewards and exclusive access for their ownership.